Replacing of the windows

Mari Hildung

All the windows on street level are now replaced, and so the work moves upwards to the two upper levels. The ground floor is again warm and cosy (with a beach mood, even!) and we are able to keep the museum open at regular hours again. Parts of the exhibitions will have to be locked off due to the work, but most of our exciting content will be available again. Welcome!

In 2018 Perspektivet Museum was very happy to announce that a restoration of the facade of Storgata 95 had been fully funded, due to grants from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the foundation Stiftelsen UNI. The work to be done is reconditioning the roof, changing the windows and painting the facade. The roof work started the project and the windows are next in line.

We are looking forward to a more historically correct facade, not to mention the effects it will have on our indoor climate. We will have to periodically close parts of or the whole museum for the sake of our guests, the staff and the progression of the work. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will be as available as possible during this period.

Please follow our website and social media for updated information.