Lunch consert during Sami Week

Mari Hildung

During this years Sami week in Tromsø, Perspektivet Museum and Gáisi Giellaguovddáš invites you to a free lunch concert at the museum.

Sárá Márjá is a sámi artist with a distinct voice, known as the vocalist in the metal band Cretura. Now she is ready to present her solo work. The music has been described as experimental and urban. She draws inspiration from a desire to create something new and continously challenges her comfort zone. With a base in Bergen, Sárá Márjá has increasingly seen the value of the sámi culture, and proudly presents her background and sámi identity.

In cooperation with Gáisi Giellaguovddáš & Perspektivet Museum

Thursday February 7th 12.00, Storgata 95, Free entrance

Photo: Arnt Peder Nilsen