Exhibition opening כאן  her / var  كان

Mari Hildung

Overgrown ruins are all that remain of many Palestinian villages from before the 1948 Arab-Israeli War – a war that resulted in the establishment of the modern state of Israel. More than 400 villages and 11 towns were almost emptied of Arab-Palestinian inhabitants, which 70 years later still have the status of refugees.

In his new project, Natvig sought to reveal traces of former Palestinian villages – to the extent possible after place names and maps have changed, and after a valiant effort to make Israel greener. With a pictorial language bordering between documentary and poetry, Eivind Natvig has looked more closely at what used to exist there, with the aim of giving it meaning and emphasis in our own times.

Photographer Eivind H. Natvig will be present at the opening and there will be music with Hallvard Bruvoll.


The exhibition is supported by The Fritt Ord Foundation, and produced by Perspektivet Museum and photographer Eivind H. Natvig/INSTITUTE