Magnum Photos


Storgata 95

23. April 2016 - 9. October 2016

Mari Hildung

Land makes people into who they are. Of that I am sure. If they lose it, they forfeit their solvency and a little bit of their souls, which they will spend the rest of their lives trying to regain.

This extract is from Larry Towell’s book The World from my Front Porch (2008). Like many of his Magnum colleagues, on his field trips he too met and photographed people who had lost their home and their homeland. People who, for political or economic reasons, were obliged to leave their country, were forced into exile by war or natural disasters, and who possessed only the little they could carry. Some sought asylum in the West, others ended up in refugee camps or tried in vain to return to their own countries.

The exhibition Uprooted, eschews any form of historical, chronological or geographical order. The aim is to visualize the sheer number of international conflicts which have occurred since the Second World War, and the resultant masses of exiles and refugees. Similar in their fate, interchangeable in their columns, the refugees progress towards an uncertain future, uprooted, homeless, unwanted.

Exhibition produced by Magnum Photos and Perspektivet Museum

presents, in extracts, the following photographers and reportages:

Abbas (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia); Christopher Anderson (Afghanistan); Bruno Barbey (Turkey, India); Werner Bischof (Germany); Robert Capa (France, Germany, Israel); Thomas Dworzak (Macedonia, Afghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, Georgia, Lebanon, Libya, Hungary); Nikos Economopoulos ( Yemen); Stuart Franklin (Lebanon, Sudan); Leonard Freed (Jordan); Paul Fusco (Mexico); Cristina García Rodero (Macedonia, Kosovo); Jean Gaumy (Bangladesh); Bruce Gilden (Kurdistan); Philip Jones Griffiths (Vietnam); Alex Majoli (Kenya, Macedonia, Tunisia, Greece); Susan Meiselas (Iraq); Paolo Pellegrin (Albania, Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Greece); Eli Reed (Tanzania); Moises Saman (Turkey); Jérôme Sessini (Pakistan, Haiti, Tunisia, Serbia); Chris Steele-Perkins (Jordan, Bangladesh); Kryn Takonis (Algeria); John Vink (Sudan, Turkey, Angola, Indonesia); Patrick Zachmann (France, Greece, Tunisia).

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