Tromsø Rocks!

Storgata 95

31. May 2004 - 15. June 2006

Mari Hildung

In Tromsø, the local rock star Little Henrik entered the stage with cover songs by Elvis and provocative hip movements in 1958. Then the music got harder, the hair longer and the shoes more pointed. The Tromsø-band Pussycats entered the scene in the 1960s before hysterical fans and played themselves to the top of the national hit lists. The new music had seriously established itself in Tromsø.

The 1970s involved a strong mobilisation to strengthen the regional pride. At the legendary pub Prelaten, the folk music movement delivered a stream of relevant texts.

With the entry of punk music, the youth in Tromsø rekindled old battles, like the one for their own, autonomous house. The demand manifested itself through house occupations and demonstrations, and in 1984, Ungdommens Hus (Youth House) was opened. In 2000, when both student house Driv and youth house Tvibit offered new music stages and rehearsal rooms, Perspektivet Museum completed an extensive documentation of the city’s lively youth and music environments.

The exhibition includes a database of Tromsø bands with samples from the record collection and viewing of film clips from the city’s music scenes for rock and pop throughout the ages.

The documentation "Youth-Music-Meetingplace"

The project “Youth-Music-Meeting Places” is about important meeting places, stages and scenes for popular music in Tromsø from the end of the 1950s and up to 2000. The project includes collection, documentation, research and communication through exhibitions, multimedia and publications. The project has as a goal to communicate cultural-historical knowledge about the growth of an exciting and complex young music environment in Tromsø, and to focus on the importance of meeting places for exercising the youth culture. The project is divided into two parts: About music environments in Tromsø as part of a youth culture in growth.
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