Mari Hildung

#tracesofsara gives you insight into the museum’s process of creating an exhibition about Sara Fabricius.

Sara Fabricius, also known by her pseudonym Cora Sandel, is considered one of Norway’s ten best authors of all time. Her oeuvre consists of paintings and writings, both novels and short stories. Fabricius spent long periods of time in Paris, Brittany and Uppsala, but nevertheless spoke of Tromsø as ‘home’. She lived in what is now the Perspektivet Museum in Storgata 95 in Tromsø throughout her formative youth, a fact that continues to influence the museum’s programme.

Traces of Sara presents personal effects and items left to posterity by Fabricius and generously donated to the museum when her son Erik Jönsson passed away in 2016. That set off an extensive project to register the objects in a collection that includes everything from books, furniture and jewellery, to photographs, sketches and awards. 

The Fabricius Collection represents a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of Fabricius’ artistic and literary production and, not least, to make it available to the public through a larger exhibition, planned for the end of 2020. Until then, enjoy the #tracesofsara #sarasspor