Jordi Pizarro

The Believers

Storgata 95

10. October 2015 - 10. April 2016

Gnist Design

Religion moves masses. It is a shared consciousness, expressed through rituals and symbols, preserved through tradition, and each community claiming entitlement to truth.

In the project The Believers the photographer Jordi Pizarro sets out to capture the moment of absolute faith that leads individuals to endure physical suffering; to believe with such absolute certainty in something they cannot see; to inflict pain and sacrifices upon themselves. The exhibition also focuses on minority groups and religions, and how faith serves to strengthen and counsel individuals who guard their rituals and the right to perform them with fierce conviction and passion.

The Believers is an ongoing long-term project exploring religious communities in ten countries across four continents. The photographer visits villages, religions, cultures and pilgrims to show that the practice of faith varies widely. His documentary work is a pilgrimage in its own right, to reveal the complexity of human faith.

Through new pictures, the exhibition constantly renews itself and its relevance, nevertheless the photographer’s quest remains; to unravel why people believe and how is religion used to narrate the purpose of our existence.