My Costume – My Story

Storgata 95

1. June 2005 - 30. November 2005

Mari Hildung

The native costume or traditional festive dress is a strong symbol of belonging to a geographical region or an ethnic group. Normally, it creates positive associations with familiar events, family ties, origin and traditions. Unfortunately, it is also such that the clear message of the costume about who you are and where you come from also provokes prejudices and agitation.

In the project My Costume – My Story, 30 women tell about their relationships to their costume and to Tromsø as place of residence. Individual stories and different lives. What they all have in common is that the costume evokes a feeling of pride and dignity.

The costume reflects the woman’s personal story. It is unique. It collects threads from the past, memories and longings, knowledge and experience. Independent of age and norms for use: “The costume says something about me. It doesn’t have to be old, only meaningful.”

The documentation "My Costume - My Story"

In the summer of 2005, Perspektivet Museum wishes to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the dissolution of the Swedish-Norwegian union with a flamboyant exhibition in the museum’s main hall. Forty women from different countries and ethnic groups will talk about their national costume or traditional festive dress, and about their relationship to Tromsø.
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