Storgata 95

1. July 2006 - 10. October 2006

Mari Hildung is an exhibition from The Assosiation of the Norwegian Furniture Manufatory showing a selection of the best of Norwegian designer furniture. In addition you will find information about manufacturers and designers.

Norwegian furniture is based on the best of Scandinavian Design traditions, and is particularly known for its innovative and ergonomical solutions. In the 1930’s the industry started to work along with professional designers, and the interesst for norwegian designer furniture i growing fast. has travelled around the world, but not as far north as Tromsø.

At you will find the porducts that are exhibited.People in North Norway have always had to rely on the life in the sea, where cod spread the greatest expectations and joy along the coast. The migration of the cod created a kind of fever in the people who lived on the coast, and had great influence on their entire lifestyle.