Sara Fabricius/Cora Sandel

Storgata 95

31. May 2004 - 30. August 2020

Mari Hildung

Sara Fabricius and her family moved from Christiania (today Oslo) to Tromsø in 1893. Shortly after the turn of the century, the family became tenants of businessman Johan Rye Holmboe in Storgata 95, where Perspektivet Museum is located today. Five years later, Sara left Tromsø to develop her painting skills in Paris.

Her breakthrough as an author under the pseudonym Cora Sandel came with the publication of her debut novel Alberta and Jacob in 1926, when she was 46 years old. Her childhood years in Tromsø left their clear marks on Sandel’s literary production, where the small-town life up north gave her material for the majority of what she has written. Her quiet messages also have a universal content and her books are therefore just as relevant today. She is included among Norway’s most important authors.

The exhibition focuses on her childhood in Tromsø, her life as an artist in Paris and her literary work.