Along the streets with the Photographer Knut Stokmo

Storgata 95

29. April 2017 - 30. August 2020

Mari Hildung

Most people in Tromsø will probably associate the name Knut Stokmo with Knut and his wife Kirsten’s many years of running the photographic studio Stokmo Foto A/S, established in 1968. However, the exhibition Gatelangs med fotograf Knut Stokmo (Along the Streets with the Photographer Knut Stokmo) shows works from Knut Stokmo’s eary career, a time when he was free to choose his subject matter, composition and technique.

From 1961 to 1967, Knut Stokmo participated in competitions and exhibitions in Norway and abroad. His name was soon mentioned and repeated in photo magazines throughout Scandinavia, on account of him winning prizes, trophies and diplomas. The young man from Tromsdalen had a “comet career” with realistic depictions of people, nature pictures, portraits and experimental subjects rendered in bas-relief. The pictures reveal a rare talent that both surprised and impressed the most recognised milieus for professional photography.