Tromsø Arctic Pride: En vei ut?

En vei ut? is Haboon Hashi’s first book. It is a personal perspective of the dilemmas that arise when doubt grows inside of you. She tells about being a young girl with a “pain in the heart,” about faith, doubt and the Imam that doesn’t have answers to her questions.

The book gives an honest and naked account on faith, doubt and courage. Hashi explains about how to maintain oneself, what it does to one’s mental health and the relationships that surround oneself, and what happens when a part of one’s identity feels unworthy.

Haboon Hashi is a writer and advisor for Minotenk – minoritetspolitisk tenketank (political minority think tank). On Tuesday, November 12th, she will present her book and invites Lisa Esohel Knudsen and other guests for a conversation on the subject.

The event will be held in Norwegian.

Host: Tromsø Arctic Pride
Where: Perspektivet Museum
Time: 18:00 – 19:00

Price: Free
Age limit: No age limit